Walk and talk therapy 

What Is It? 

Walking during your scheduled mental health therapy session 

Many times your health care provider will suggest that you "walk" or "exercise more". Walk and talk therapy allows you to do both at the time the same, at your pace and place of comfort.

We can walk in the comfort of the Seasons Change Counseling office on the treadmill

or out in nature on a designated trail. This detail will be discussed in detail during your session before you decide if this is right for you. 

Why Should I Do It? 

Exercise, such as walking, allows the brain to release certain neurotransmitters, or the "feel good" chemicals. It also increases body temperatures which are thought to have a calming effect on the brain.

Daily walking or other forms of moderate exercise can make it the perfect stress buster. 

How Walking Helps 

•It increases body temperature which has a calming effect on your brain

•It reduces stress 

•Lowers depression 

•Lowers anxiety

•Helps you cope with stressors easier 

•Clears your head 

•Increase energy

•Improve sleep

•Reduces loneliness if done with others

•Increases self-control 

•Increases self-esteem

•Can help with medical issues or prevent diseases 

•Help stop ruminating

Walk it Out