What is Mental Health Counseling & Therapy?


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Trauma & EMDR



Faith Based 



Of course, talking to a therapist may be difficult for you, & totally understandable. It's hard to talk to a complete stranger. However, that is why trust & rapport are so important. Finding & keeping a therapist is all about that relationship, that likability factor. That is why I offer the first initial consultation free. You can be assured your therapy session is private & confidential. It will offer you an emotional release & give you a sense of really being heard, understood and supported. 


Therapy can help you...

  • Feel stronger in the face of challenges
  • Change behaviors
  • Heal pain from the past
  • Reprocess traumatic events
  • Figure out your goals
  • Cope with negative symptoms
  • Challenge negative thought processes
  • Handle strong emotions
  • Feel supported & hopeful
  • Build self confidence
  • Learn to live a happy, fuller life